From the ranks of the people you have been raised up as a Wisher—

To seek among the fairies;
the dragons of the deeps;
the ur-toads and the claw things;
among the shadows on the sun and the ghosts beneath the world,
and in the lands of humankind besides
for the jewel of all desiring.

You must find the jewel and command the Creator to make the world as you desire it. And if you should succeed, then the world shall always have been as you wish it, and your life a thing sprung of your own desiring; and if you should fail then you shall be forgotten like the tides.

Fanfic of the tabletop RPG by Jenna Katerin Moran. (No knowledge of the source material is expected or needed.) World, metaphysics, and the best bits of text are hers.

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GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsFantasy, Surreal, Text based

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