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Two fan campaigns for the board game Unknown, each with 2 bonus survivors and 10 missions. Featuring:

The Crash

It was supposed to be just an aerial scouting mission. Scan for any unexpected developments in the wastelands, then return safely home to your stronghold. No one out there was supposed to have any technology that could remotely threaten one of your airships, so none of you were too worried.

Perhaps that hubris was your mistake.

Some sort of interference you’d never seen before jammed your systems, and before you knew it the airship was moments from critical.

Those of you who could made it to escape pods. And now you’re in the wasteland, cut off from support, with no way home. 

Drowned in Corruption 

You were a prosperous town, far from any battlefront and two days' ride from the toxic jungle. Then spore bombs from an unknown army blanketed your streets, and the insects and fungus overwhelmed your homes.

Those of you who remain survive in cellars and sewers, using whatever makeshift respirators you can find to block out the spores. But so much has been lost, and so many have died. Can any of you to survive when the corruption has engulfed you? 


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