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Sometimes you want to do something that’s a bit... impossible.

You want to make your best friend into an angel, say. You want to resurrect an Estate that was destroyed a thousand years ago. You want to grow a new World Ash. You want to bioengineer a new type of Imperator.

 Situations where, because this is Nobilis, we don’t say “you can’t do that”, we just say “how?” But nevertheless, where playing it out in a way that doesn’t either feel “too easy” or “too bogged down” can be hard.

Or maybe you want to do something that’s not, like, metaphysically fraught, but still extremely elaborate. You want to travel back in time to change the future of the county and prevent your opposition from ever having taken over. You want to create a system of tunnels connecting a dozen worlds of the Ash. You want to personally invite ever Imperator on Earth to your party.

Things that you could play out normally, but it might take a while or be a little hard to adjudicate.

In situations like this, consider the Wayfarer’s Rite. 

The Wayfarer's Rite is a ritual/montage structure for representing the PCs’ collaboration on an elaborate and improbable shared project, modeled after Glitch's Complex Conflict rules. It requires Glitch: a Story of the Not by Jenna Moran. It includes the Wayfarer's Rite mechanic, an alternate framing for the Wayfarer's Rite, and a developer's note.

Part of the Apocynum Press Community Content Program.


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Looks like a good fit for Glitch, and covers something the main game doesn't.

It's comparable to the Ritual montages in Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine, a related game, but refined for its specific use-case and rules-updated to the new engine. I can recommend it to anyone that liked that aspect of Chuubo's and found it missing in Glitch.