You see it.

Today is the day they will come.

Their ship will crash, but the resulting explosion will trouble them not at all.

They will emerge, wrapped in shadows and smoke, from the wreckage.

Their senses will lead them unerringly to Kayla, wherever she hides.

She is but a girl. She is not at all ready.

And you will not be here to protect her, for they know your weakness.

You will return to the obelisk before midday, or the poison of this world will kill you.

And either way, Kayla will be alone.

You blink, and the vision fades, but it is no less true. You still see the traces of the future around you. The traces will last until the noon sun, and it is well that they will do so, for you will need them.

You can see the future. But is that enough to let you change it?

Future Threads won 9th place in the 2017 IFComp.


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awsome game! thank you for making it!


Thank you for your kind words!