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It was a day like any other. The sun was shining through the trees. Birds were singing. You were going about your normal day.

And then, without warning, there was a piercing wail. Was it the fire alarm? A siren? No, it was coming from your room. Your normal, ordinary, room. Specifically, from a shard of mirror that you’d picked up years ago, kept as a curiosity. That had never before done anything but reflect light. Now it was translucent and glowing in a strange color. Before you knew what to make of it, there was a voice, a slightly-garbled message. “The hero Kendall Rodgers has failed to bring the Stones of Renewal! The Library is dying. I don’t want to die! Come save me!”

Were you going crazy? There was no one around to ask if they’d heard it too. Without thinking about it, you reached out and touched your shard. And then, with a feeling like being turned inside out, you were here. No longer your sunny room, but a dimly-lit, dusty library. With a handful of others that looked as confused as you felt. And two large, gnarled trees, moving oddly in the still air. One of whom was still calling out, in a panic, “Save me!”

Fading lights is a game about figuring out what to do, what to save, and what is real, in a world that isn't quite how you understood it, where a lot is on the line. It's a single-room litform secrets-and-rituals one-shot game for 5-12 players and a 2-hour timeslot. It was written by Edwin Karat, Azalea Weisblat, and Xavid.

Cover art by Sharon McCutcheon.

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TagsLARP, library, litform, Magical Realism, One-shot, secrets-and-powers


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